Rentals Recruitment Coding Challenge

Part 1. Recommended Pricing System (Required)

Given the attached set of CSV formatted rentals to determine a system to provide our hypothetical landlord "Louis" with a system to determine the optimal pricing for his rentals. In a real world situation location would be a factor, for the purposes of this challenge, please disregard.

If you are unfamiliar with real estate you may want to start with determining median price per bedroom or bathroom.

Louis has four rentals he would like to put on the market.

How much do you think Louis should charge for each of his rentals given the data in the attached CSV?

Build a system that will provide an answer for at least the above use cases, but feel free to buildout a system for any combination of Beds, Baths and Square-feet, especially if you plan on doing Part 2.

If you opt for completing Part 1 only, please provide a table of Apartment Name to Price and the methodology used to come to these conclusions.

* Usage of CSV Parsing Libraries is encouraged, the goal of this challenge is not to write a CSV parser.
* For the purposes of this challenge, ignore all Real Estate trends and treat the data within CSV as the entire universe.

Part 1A. Unit Tests, (Bonus)

In the framework you built for Part 1, provide testing coverage that proves the code you have written will work as expected.

Part 2. Front-End (Optional)

Use the Recommended Pricing System you created in Part 1., build a FrontEnd component for it. Using HTML, CSS, and optionally Javascript, write a website that a user could enter their data values and it will return the recommended price in a graphically pleasing manner.

Note: Mobile is a very important part of the experience for Trulia, make sure that your solution is "Responsive", meaning it will render in both mobile phone size screens, tablets, and desktop. One way to accomplish this is to use the Bootstrap Framework from Twitter, but feel free to implement your choice of libraries.


Please provide all code used in your solution. Optimal format is a zip or tar.gz with a readme.txt which explains how to run your code. Style code in whatever style is best representative of work that would go into production.